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For All Your Questions
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Mission of “AVRASYA BATUMI INTERNATIONAL UNIVERSITY” LTD is shared by the society of the university
• To ensure integration of Georgian higher education into the united European space;
• To implement social and engineering educational programs of international standards;
• To help the students to develop creative, innovative and critical thinking;
• As the result of academic and research activity to deliver them information and create a new knowledge;
• To popularize the science and involve the students in the social ad engineering scientific researches;
• To prepare highly qualified members, having good scientific view, having innovative technology knowledge and liberal values of the society and ensure their competitiveness on Georgian and international labor market.
The goal of “Avrasya Batumi International University” LTD is to ensure the university society with highly qualified education and wide view, which will be the base of humankind peace, happiness and welfare.
• “Avrasya Batumi International University” LTD for 2023 year is the European open type academic space, which response to the challenges of Georgia with teaching innovative methods, educational programs and projects recognized in international academic space, actual researches and varied service, serves to the development of civil society, is the leader in the societal and educational activity as within the country as well internationally.
• ABU unites Global vision, which will pass Political and cultural borders and supports to the human dignity, universal human rights and freedom for regardless man, woman, race, color, religion and origination;
• By developing and implementing the mutual educational programs and scientific-research projects, the university contributes integration of administrative, academic personnel and the students to the global educational and scientific space.
The values of “Avrasya Batumi International University” LTD is to support democratic ideals, human rights, freedom and Supremacy of law;
• Strict adherence to commonly accepted ethical guidelines and principles;
• Respect for environment and reasonable and responsible use of the earth’s resources;
• Uncompromising commitment to knowledge production, implementation and dissemination
• Mutual obligation with highly qualified academic and administrative personnel, whose qualification match our vision and mission.
• Establish kind relationships with international students community and respect their multicultural and religious values
• Combination the “Auditory/classroom” education with the “real world” experience, by building up practical skills
• Strong collaborative relationships with the private sector, government and nongovernment organizations.